Rock and pop are perhaps the most well-established genres in the musical landscape. But the artists taking that as a starting point and then turning 180 degrees, heading in the opposite direction and exploring the alternative options of those mainstreams making the really interesting music today—artists such as Psyclo.

If previous singles such as Volatile and Freaks showed that she was great at mining the fringes of pop culture for sonic reference points, Shxffle promises to take her underground musical quest into even more profound, darker, and perhaps more wide-ranging waters.

And as songs such as Freaks flagged up, Psyclo is interested in planting a flag for the freaks, the outsiders, those who feel lost and lonely, the damaged, and the disenfranchised. Shxffle promises to be a rallying cry for such people. If this forgotten sector of society needs someone to look up to, someone to tell them that they are not alone, someone to lead them back into the light, who better than Psyclo?


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