Ever since he stepped into the music scene with a critically acclaimed debut track themed “Wildfire,” everything just flew, and he has never stopped since; this is the refreshing musical tale of one phenomenally gifted country music superstar, Trae Myers, whose music has become a staple for listeners in Columbus, OH, and beyond. As someone who keeps pouring all the ingredients he can master into a pot to spit out a product that leaves listeners coming back for more and music aficionados vigorously searching for the ingredients in the recipe, Trae keeps on bringing new and exciting music for all to enjoy.

Going above and beyond, Trae Myers did deliver one undeniable masterpiece dubbed “What About You” that went on to garner over 100K views in its first week, debuting at #43 on iTunes country music charts and receiving over 20 media placements…this itself is such a massive feat and fully deserved.

“What About You” is not your typical country song; there is just an elegance and variety to it that you can never get enough of. Building on a love ballad, his cowboy-flavored vocals float nicely over the quintessentially country-inspired melodies and reach deep to the core of a listener’s satisfaction!

“What About You” is not devoid of its ballad and dance tunes- echoed through its “honky-tonk’ flavor vis-à-vis the simple yet expressive form, folk lyrics, and the luscious harmonies that have been accompanied by string instruments such as the quintessentially country acoustic guitar, electric guitar, pedal steel and dobro, banjos, fiddles and harmonicas for a tune that is brimming with sonic wealth and squeaky clean polish.

Capping his well-phrased verses with such memorable hooks that keep replaying in a listener’s head even when they are not listening to this track, Trae highlights his deep sense of genre knowledge and innate capacity as a musician.

I have listened to this tune more times than I could care to count, and each time it just feels better. I am recommending this masterpiece to you at this moment. While it may not register immediately, I am saving your musical life and taste because after indulging in “What About You,” your life will never be the same again!

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