1. Tell us more about Kopo Magic. What is your motivation for creating music?

Music has been my therapy and my therapist. Music is a place where I can go for hours to express every emotion, through the good and the bad. Music is a way for me to release and let go of everything and work through my every day roller coaster. As a child I would play 10 hours a day. Right now I use music to express the obstacles I have overcome. Some Health issues and rising above the inner storm to light that fire within. Like my new songs of mine to come, “Sunshine” music helps me find my inner light.

2. If you weren’t busy being an emerging musical artist, what would you be doing with all your time?

I’d be traveling the world, sharing my story and releasing my book. I would be creating a world tour. Going to the rain forest and the jungles all over mother Earth. I would love meeting tribes all over the world and learning about different cultures, It would be great to help our planet and to find a balance. I would also love to be teaching the Ho’oponopono and Meditation. So much to do!

3. Tell us about the new upcoming release!

Sunshine is a song I wrote in high school. After class, I was playing on the grand piano in the auditorium with a spotlight. Closing my eyes and feeling the warmth and sunshine within, the words just flowed and the lyrics were on paper within a few minutes. “And I can count on you. Like I count on the sun, and I will rest in you, Like I rest in the sun. To keep me warm”. To “Light The Fire”, within.

Sometimes we have to walk into our own darkness/shadow self in order to find our sun shining and finding that flame of fire within.

4. Any tour plans?

I want to start planning weekend tours once “Sunshine” is released. I’ve been feeling a beach tour and everything in between.

5. What musicians would you most like to collaborate with?

If I had the opportunity to to collaborate with any artist put there. I would first have to say Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga if you are reading this, let’s make some music!

6. If you could only be remembered by one song what would it be?

This song would be my next upcoming after “Sunshine”. Called “Blame on Me”. It’s a song about not giving up. No matter how hard it can be. “Don’t give up the fight. Win the race called Life”…

7. What stage do you dream of playing?

Stadium of Fire. A local Utah 4th of July stadium event.

8. What was the first piece of music you remember purchasing with your own money?

Enya was the first music I have ever paid for. CD’s, tapes and sheet music.

9. We hear you have a Patreon! What will be involved there, how can we be a part of your community and what can we expect to see and hear there?

I am creating a community space where like-minded people can flock. There I will be sharing my upcoming book and New music as well as teaching about meditation and Ho’oponopono. We will be addressing everything from relationships and healing the body naturally to healing the body with positive thoughts and words. Daily affirmations and many ways to heal the mind, body and spirit. Sound healing, chanting and much much more to come.