The Sometimes Island Goes Intensely Personal with New Song, ‘FEET’

The Sometimes Island, the LA-based alt-pop band, releases a brand-new song, ‘Feet’, whose inception story falls close to home. Matt Blankenship Jr, the main vocalist, wrote this deeply personal song in 2019 when he began dating his girlfriend. However, as time passed, ‘FEET’ began taking a much different meaning than Matt had intended. 

Matt wrote this song one day when he was toying with his piano. He knew immediately that he had deep feelings for his girl. But he was also aware of the fact that she was battling with her inner demons. She struggled with drug abuse, specifically opioids (fentanyl), during the pandemic lockdown. Matt found himself caught between wanting to help her out and not developing a ‘savior complex’ along the way. He had to choose to stick with her during her struggles to make their relationship work.

“Although ‘FEET’ was first formulated in 2019, it wasn’t finished until weeks before the release of the Pilot EP, in March 2021. Part of the reason for this is that the subject matter made it difficult to work on the song. It felt very personal. Like it was a documentary of a thing that was happening, so there was never a natural stopping point”, says a spokesperson for The Sometimes Island.

‘FEET’ lays focus on very real issues that the subject is going through. She too has revealed her complete support towards the song. She believes that by highlighting these issues, the stigmas of drug abuse and mental illness can be lessened.

The lead vocalist, Matt Blankenship Jr, has performed with different bands before forming a full band with drummer Nick Lopiano. Although the band had to postpone their debut because of the pandemic, they will live streaming their concerts on Instagram every Thursday at 5 pm PDT.

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