Women are forces of nature, disturbing the status quo and taking up space unapologetically. “Yay or Nay” is of two bands; we have Tarah Who? is a duo made up of vocalist and producer Tarah Carpenter and drummer and background vocalist Coralie Hervé.

Tarah was born in France but later connected with Coralie through their love of punk-rock and grunge scenes. They also strongly relate to female-led rock bands, including Garbage, The Cranberries, and Bikini Kill. 

On the other side, we have Faul, a punk group from Spain. Faul prides itself on its ability to use music to move seamlessly from meaningless to impactful. The group comprises Laura Villar, V Blanco, and Corinna Rautenberg. Some songs Faul include Tapete, You Don’t Know Me, and Un Violador en Tu Camino. 

These two forces collide to create a messy and chaotic song but ultimately beautiful to listen to. Listening to “Yay or Nay” feels like a rollercoaster ride. At one point, everything is slow, the music sounds like a Spanish love song, and not much is happening. Before you know it, the tempo picks up and has you screaming, “It’s a pretty simple question, no es tan difícil, no, no te aguanto más,” from the top of your lungs. 

Joining the culture of the two groups together, “Yay or Nay” incorporates German, Spanish, and English. Jumping from one language to another gives the song funkiness that can only be gotten from German throatiness and Spanish smoothness. 

Although the lyrics urge a man, Andres, to make up his mind and decide “Yay or Nay,” the message also applies to many other situations women face in life. “We can take rejection, viel mehr als du glaubst, We can take denial, Verweigern ist erlaubt, We can take misfortune, Ha’m wir Pech gehabt We can take it all,” is not only directed to Andres but to everyone who underestimates, overlooks or fails to communicate clearly.

The vocal performance delivered by Faul and Tarah Who? appropriately fits the song, with the vocalists knowing when to use a light rustiness and when to bring in the power and aggressiveness. The video reflects the essence of punk and rock. It is filmed in what seems to be an underground bar and features quick alternating scenes where the members of Tarah Who? and Faul give the camera weird stares or are all up in the camera’s field of view. 

An iconic scene in “Yay or Nay” is when all the band members walk away and back to the camera. It leaves an aftertaste of accomplishment, a Yay for Tarah Who? and Faul.

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