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“I Found You” is an uplifting R&B tune by Stephanie Heitz that was released on July 17th. It’s all about finding joy in the face of adversity, keeping the faith, and trusting that there is hope beyond our present troubles. It’s sure to calm the spirit, and soothe the soul of anyone who listens.

Stephanie Heitz is an American, R&B, singer/songwriter with strong roots in soul as well as gospel music. She sings with an unmistakable, soulful tone, with a voice that seems to be made for rhythm and blues music. She finds inspiration from artists like Alicia Keys & Joss Stone as well as the legendary Stevie Wonder. 
In September 2019, Stephanie released her debut album Dark to Light. The five songs on this album were written during a difficult season in her life, and she claims that music truly healed her broken spirit. Less than a year later, Stephanie released her latest single, I Found You. The lyrics encourage listeners to cling to faith as she points to a Hope that lies beyond the troubles of this world.  
Stephanie’s lyrics are written from a place of vulnerability, which makes her music relatable. Her ultimate goal is to engage, inspire, and fill people with hope as they listen to her positive message. She’s expected to continue releasing a collection of new singles every month finishing out the year. 
“I pour so much of my heart into every song I write. I truly hope it touches yours.” – SH