Recording artist Emsee has released his new song and visuals, “Thrills.” This is a song that proves Emsee’s vast abilities in the rap genre. As such, it is a recommended listen for anyone who enjoys listening to rap music. “Thrills” sees Emsee rapping about the happiness that can come from distress, making this song also a good listen for anyone who enjoys finding the good during tough times.

“Thrills” opens with a synth that will be memorable to listeners even after the song ends. This provides a key pillar to the song, as it allows Emsee’s vocals to thrive. When combining this catchy beat with his vocals, “Thrills” becomes a song worthy of repeat listening. Lyrics such as “I’m a get gone tonite mark my throne foreal” sees Emsee boasting about making his mark on his surroundings. His flow will impress listeners, who will be able to understand what he’s saying while he also keeps up a fast tempo. 

The music video for “Thrills” primarily takes place at an amusement park. Viewers will see a large Ferris wheel lit up at night throughout many parts of the music video as the camera pans back and forth between shots of the rides and shots of Emsee rapping. It is remarkable scenery and superbly imparts Emsee’s take on being numb or uncertain while physically being in a happy place. 

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