High-performance electric violinist Asher Laub’s original piece, “Atlantis,” released in July via FD Productions, continues to draw the audience’s attention. This composition will appeal to individuals who enjoy music played on the violin and those who enjoy seeing musicians push the boundaries of their craft. This music will entertain anyone looking for an instrumental that is lively and has a wonderful tone led by an electronic violin.

A beautiful three-minute music video also supports the track “Atlantis.” The excellent composition demonstrates Asher Laub’s versatility as a violinist. He displays his creativity by delivering it at a number of various tempos, which maintains the audience’s interest by keeping them guessing. This track portrays his signature violin playing and can easily become a fan favorite. 

This electronic-classical orchestration is inspired by Asher’s perception of life’s numerous cyclical ups and downs. It leads the listener on a musical voyage, cycling from a foreboding condition to one of peace, then to a hopeful climax, and repeating a similar pattern until it closes.

A great instrumental song tells a story without using any words at all. In this piece, he plays the violin both powerfully and delicately, letting forth single notes and whole phrases with equal tension. The song’s tempo and mood are always changing, creating an atmosphere of mystery that matches the lost city of Atlantis. 

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