Release Info/credits
“NIMM MICH MIT” is the name of the foretaste of the eagerly awaited tenth studio album entitled “Truth, Faith, Love” by the Bochum goth rock legends SECRET DISCOVERY in spring 2023.
The first German-language single release presents itself clearly at the upper end of the SD hardness scale: uncompromising groove, slamming guitars mixed with Kai’s charismatic vocals that cover the entire range from melodic to hard.
The shout-technical support on ‘NIMM MICH MIT’ is provided by none other than Felix Stass, singer & shouter of the gothic metallers “Crematory” and thus provides the song with an additional portion of pressure and intensity.

The story of the song tells of a guy who has lost everything in life and sets out to find his great love. For him, she embodies everything that is still worth living for. When he meets the supposed love of his life, he asks her to take him away to escape the desolation of his old life and finally find his happiness. In the end he has to realize that this is not the beginning, but the end, because this woman is death…and so he goes on his last journey…

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