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Travel back in time, into an era of castles, knights and epic battles. “Beth & Noa: The Ballet” a tale of love, betrayal, and deceit … and the ultimate certainty that we are all destined to our fate.

“Listeners with a passion for thoughtful orchestration and instrumental storytelling will find Raynald Grenier’s Trailer for the Ballet Beth & Noa to be the beginnings of a captivating sonic tapestry – masterfully composed and brilliantly performed, recorded and mastered for a listening experience that commandeers the senses and establishes an invitingly mysterious setting for further artistic enjoyment!”

Jon Wright, Reviewer / Radio Airplay

RAYNALD GRENIER is a Canadian composer. He began his musical career in the 1980s as an accompanying pianist and, subsequently, as a conductor for various musical and vocal groups. After doing several stage performances in United States, Canada, and Europe, Raynald left the stage to specialize in musical creation and composition. Now, he has taken up the work of creating enchanting harmonies for musicals, ballets, and operas. “Beth & Noa:The Ballet” is Raynald’s latest release.

We are proud to showcase this incredible talented composer. Just sit back, relax and listen to this magnificent music from Raynald Grenier… Enjoy!

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