Prospect Mundo Releases His Latest Single, ‘Lost And Found’, a Captivating Encounter Turned Into a Song

Toronto’s up and coming singer, Prospect Mundo, releases his latest single, ‘Lost and Found’. The song was streamed on YouTube on 15th February, 2021 and has gained over 3,000 views. The singer/musicians’ fans have flooded his social media accounts with love and admiration for the brand-new song that has kept them hooked for hours.

It is hard to miss the subtle 90s vibes intermixed with new-age R&B in the song ‘Lost and Found’. The smooth Blues in the melody makes the listener come back wanting more. The lyrics tell the story of a young man in a club who is intoxicated by the beauty of a girl who dances in the dim lights. The music video, filmed by Kevin Park and Ian McGillivray, is an aesthetic depiction of the lyrics. With the help of his team, they successfully convey the emotions through the music video.

A verse from the song Lost and Found – I’m just glad you came, girl. Please give me your name, girl. Lookin’ at your frame, girl. You’re from far away, girl. Lookin’ at your frame, girl. Gotta make you main girl. The way you move, yeah yeah. The way she moves that way yeah.

Lost and Found is a classic portrayal of the diverse range of Toronto’s covert Rhythm n’ Blues. The song has a beautiful combination of 90s RnB and Hip Hop with a Caribbean n’ Latin blend. The song was produced with the joint efforts of Liimpala, Jesse Yonge and Splash of Henny.

Prospect Mundo is a Canadian artist who created a buzz with just a short discography of hits and a 2-song EP to date. He will continue to work hard and has created the groundwork for some amazing music in 2021.

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