Praya is an enigmatic artist that is equal parts modern alternative, pop, and singer-songwriter. The songs feature rich melodic textures and sincere, emotional lyrics along with intricate guitar parts mixed with ambient electro music.

From Mumbai India, Praya grew up listening to rock and pop music. “Growing up I was a huge rock n roll fan” states Praya.
“I started classical piano as a kid when my mom signed me up. I never really liked it because I wanted to learn all the songs I loved, and those were primarily on the guitar and blues-based.
So, I picked up guitar at 15 and really went at it. I spent hours and hours getting down Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. I never really found a hard rock singer, and my voice was way more mellow, so I drifted to pop styles. I started getting into a lot of Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, John Mayer, and The Weeknd creating this weird blend of a rock n roll
background merging in with pop. I spent a lot of time going to electronic gigs/festivals as I got older, so my sounds are from all over the place. I go into the studio with a really open mind and try to bring elements from everywhere and get them to work. It’s a bit of a ‘break all the rules’ scenario, bringing together bits and pieces from all different genres and styles. Songwriting feels like a massive release or a way to organize a thought that’s been running around in my head. Nothing honestly has ever felt as fulfilling as making a good song. That’s what keeps me coming back again and again.”

Praya’s upcoming EP was recorded in Nashville, TN with producer Britton Cameron and mixed by Mark Niemiec.

“In Nashville, after checking out at least 20 producers, I found Britton, and we hit it off immediately. He’s an excellent singer/ songwriter and producer and really took me under his wing. I learned so much from him and am so grateful that we met. A lot of the recording was done at his home studio in Kingston springs.

The process would go something like this:
I would come up with an idea on the guitar and a theme for the lyrics. If he liked it, we’d flesh it out together and do some producing and then send it off to a brilliant electronic producer named Femke Weidema (Babyface). After which it would go to Mark Niemiec for mixing and mastering.”

Now residing in Los Angeles, Praya’s ultimate goal is to reach as many people as possible and share his music with them. “I love bringing the party and putting on a show and getting people to let loose and hopefully feel a similar kind of release that I’m feeling.”

Praya’s debut single “Come A Little Closer” is out now!

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