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Old Treasure Berlin was founded at the end of 2021 in Berlin. Initially, the band thrilled the audience with various cover songs from the rock and punk scene.
In 2022 the two musicians start with exclusively own songs.

Their songs can not be put into one genre.
The song “Berlins Graffiti” authentically describes the emotions in a big city with the help of original quotes from the Berlin graffiti scene.

On 29.09.2023 their songs “Berlins Graffiti” and “Flying Monkeys” will be available on spotify and other streaming platforms.
“Flying Monkeys” is a critical song. At first, one thinks of the fairy tale “The Wizard of Oz”, but it is about the danger of human puppets that narcissists use manipulatively to get to their goal.

On Soundcloud, spotify and on our Youtube channel you can additionally find our song “So close to you”.
This song is about a love for a person who is close to you, but emotionally unattainable.
In the song we process images that reflect the feelings.

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