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Written, Produced, Performed, Mixed by NX Panther
Mastered by Matthew Dempsey
EP RELEASE: ‘You May Have Been Wondering 
Where I’ve Been’ 
ARTIST:  NX Panther
RELEASE DATE: 03/06/20 
Online and on Streaming Platforms
NX Panther returns with another heartfelt offering titled ‘You May Have Been Wondering Where I’ve Been’. The five-track autobiographical EP reveals a more soulful and reflective side to the multitalented artist.
The Muslim Ugandan Asian (now London native) touches on a range of subjects harmoniously through her unique lens, scratching beneath the surface of what it is to be a refugee descendant having to find her place in the UK in many aspects of everyday life. 
NX Panther’s self-produced EP shares tales of toxic relationships, the legacy of Western foreign policy, and reflections on love gone bad with sultry vocals weaved with and meaningful wordplay rapped over an experimental and multicultural soundscape. 
The Whitechapel resident started singing in choirs writing songs at 14 while being exposed to imported Qawaali (Islamic Devotional Music), Hip Hop and Dancehall.  Leaving her birth town of Southampton for art school in Nottingham, she found herself throwing house parties at the rise of the Dubstep and Minimal Techno scenes. Her drive for new beginnings led her to London in 2011. It was there she channelled the effects of her turbulent, nomadic lifestyle by learning to rap in a living room in South East London.
‘You May Have Been Wondering Where I’ve Been’ follows the well-received ‘Black Forest Ghetto EP’ (2018) that at the time made her BBC Introducing Solent ‘Artist of The Week’. Having toured her Moving Image artworks across the globe, her debut release has seen her hitting up stages at notable venues such as Miranda, Rich Mix, Redon and Luna Lounge and supporting small stages at Boomtown and Shindig Festivals.
NX Panther’s expansive sound can be drawn from her earliest and most contemporary influences ranging from Solange, Kano, Massive Attack and A Tribe Called Quest. ‘You May Have Been Wondering Where I’ve Been’ exploits these influences in fine fashion by explaining just that when released on all digital platforms 03/06/20 and is supported by three lead-up singles and accompanying videos.
Class ‘09
Single release dates 
Class ‘09 – 08/05/20                    
Trouble –  26/05/20
Runaway –  03/06/20
You May Have Been Wondering Where I’ve Been – 03/06/20
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