Munatix’ new track ‘You Just Keep Hanging On’ is again a classic synthpop song, influenced by the likes of Erasure, Giorgio Moroder, Chromeo…
Still the music is produced in a contemporary way to make it sound fresh.
The track is protruded with melody, harmonies and phat vintage analogue synth sounds.

In February 2019 Munatix released their debut single.
One and a half year later, this new upcoming release will be their 5th single.
They made it to the ‘New Music Friday’ Spotify curated playlist before and got mentioned on blogs; Fresh Out Of Booth, Electro Wow, Foolish Dreams…
On Spotify alone meanwhile they gathered 60.000 streams.
Their short term goal is to write and release 12 songs and gather them in an album.
After that, the duo will be extended to a live band and a tour will be planned.

Munatix is a Belgian electronic synthpop duo, existing out of Ricky (Erik Knockaert) and Josh (Jos Sleurs).
Both located in Genk, having met in a former band, they noticed a shared passion for music.
Ricky °1980, takes up the role of lead singer. Josh °1975, focusses on composing and producing.
Inspiration is coming from electronic instruments and an interest for vintage analog gear.
Josh is being sparked by synth guru’s and bands as Vince Clarke, Jean Michel Jarre, Chromeo.
Ricky is at heart a gifted guitar player with a love for Jimi Hendrix.
Together they color their music.

The lyrics for ‘You Just Keep Hanging On’ describe what it is like to be in a long distance relationship.
What does it feel like, to love someone, continuously being connected via a smartphone messaging app? Despite the physical distance, somehow it still feels close.
You feel your loved one is only a button press and instant selfie away from you, still there is the missing physical contact.

A week after the single release, also a videoclip will be released onto YouTube.
The video shoot for the song was done at the military airport of Sint Truiden in Belgium, making use of the landing strips and airplane hangars.
Out in the sun this made the ideal scenery for this energetic summer vibe song.

Further detailed information on Munatix you can find in their electronic press kit :