Mirrors of Blue announces it’s debut album ‘Rush in my Veins’ that will break down your illusions

Independent rock band Mirrors of Blue brings out a full pack of diverse, dynamic and soul-filled records
with their debut album ‘Rush in My Veins’ aiming to pull down the roofs of the plain reality. The release
date is set for April 10, 2020 and the forthcoming album will be a follow-up to the band’s three previously
released singles in November, 2019.

The album defines a bridge to the band’s mostly energetic and hard rock style while still keeping an alter-
native soulful touch with a couple of emotional songs. “It was quite unusual as an experience, especially to
see how I and Shan were going towards finding ourselves till the release of this album.” says Oktay Koçan,
the band’s lead singer and guitarist. The album is a catchy original collection with variations on the same
theme: ‘a journey to the deep and the unexplored self’. “We are all at some point trapped inside a cage,
knowing very little about our own potential. So, what do we really tell ourselves? That’s sort of what deter-
mines the size of the cage.” says the band’s drummer and backing vocalist Shubham Agarwal (aka Shan).
The aim of the band is to have a special bond with the listeners and travel with them up the road, with fun
and motivation.

The band is probably one of the first two piece rock bands gathering up such a cultural variety with its
members. Oktay (27), was born in Skopje, Macedonia to a family with Turco-Bosniak origins. However, he
lived in Istanbul, Turkey for 20 years. On the other hand, Shan (26) is from the multicultural city of Lucknow
in India. The band was formed 2 years after both members left their hometowns for higher studies in Tou-
louse, France. Although they followed a path towards aerospace engineering during their education, both
members had shown great interest in visual and performing arts since childhood. Oktay had been learning
classical and flamenco solo guitar since he was 12 and had been doing plastic art for even longer. Similarly,
Shan had been training in percussion instruments as well as in various dance forms since he was 8. Coinci-
dentally enough, their separate journeys of self-realisation met one day right after a random jam session.

The band was the official music sponsor of one of the biggest tech festivals in India, Sankalan 2020 . The
band also got interest from blogs such as Festival Sherpa and MusicAloud. So far, the band’s songs have
had rather warm reception from the listeners of various origins such as French, English, American, German,
Indian, Turkish, Russian and Polish. The single ‘One Step Closer’ got especially many comments addressing
the soulfulness of the song and the amazing camera shots taken in Swiss mountains.