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MAKI & ECG (Billy Shears) sit down for some serious session work. You get to have that third eye lockdown transcendental experience you’ve been craving…. imo best trance rap of the year.

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These first two releases in the DEMORATION album move in a new genre of rhythms, rap, cine-trance and lyric. A reach across human time.

“JUST A BITE” sends you on a surrealistic inner journey like no other. “A meaningful life awaits you, just hold on to who you are.”

“YOUR MOTIVATION” is a film festival cinematic adapted for an avant-garde story based on the cult film ‘Lot In Sodom”. It will no doubt test your belief system, whatever that is.

MAKI is in Seattle producing music albums and film soundtracks across a wide number of genres. He is featured in several international music review ezines, and received film festival awards for his avant-garde experimental movies.

ECG produces rap and colab albums in the Detroit area. His current music project is ‘Social Lubrication’. He met up with MAKI when he returned from Brazil, to deliver a new poetry to a trance-rap musical collaboration. ECG has gone missing in the past year or so. His last known transmission was from an internet cafe some where near San Paulo.

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