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His real name is Norbert Szabo but his songs are published as Loose. He is a London-based (UK) indie song & lyrics writer and multi-instrumentalist. If somebody asks him about his genre, the answer is simply rock but actually his music is a big mix of everything. Loose is basically a one piece band because he plays every instrument in his songs, but it was not always like this. Long time ago he had worked with other musicians on his records who sometimes had clashing options regarding a song of him. Now that he has become a lonely wolf, everything is much easier for him. As he once said in an interview: “Creating my music alone is always a quiet process. It gives me total freedom because I don’t have to convince anybody about my ideas regarding the instrumentation of a song.” Since he has been living in London, Loose has released 16 singles and an EP, most of them distributed by Horus Music Limited. His mission is to spread good vibes, unconditional love, freedom and awareness through his thought-provoking music and lyrics.
His new single WELCOME THE MOMENT was released on 22nd March, 2024.

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