Song info/credits
Klara and Skynem GT, an EDM artist from Peru worked on the remix online during the lockdown. She decided to release the single to celebrate her cancer journey.

The collaboration result is akin to something you might hear in a cocktail bar – sitting comfortably between the chillout and tropical EDM genres often favoured by the likes of Kygo. It’s new territory for Klara, though she’s not departing her hallmark sound, and is readying completely new material for future release.

The animated music video was created by artist, Trea Ivory aka The Doodling Yogi. Klara and Trea came up with the concept together of a colourful character drifting around different scenes, attempting to bring some colour into her grey world. The video ends with her fully embracing her gift and bursting into colour, only then is she able to share her brightness permanently.

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