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In a city 35 minutes outside of Pittsburgh,PA there is a diamond in the rough that goes by the name of Kipp-E. Growing up in the small city of Beaver Falls’ Mt. Washington section, Being able to Rap is just one of the many talents that “The Hill” helped him realize. Singing and producing beats for himself and other artist as well definitely helps prove that he has what it takes to change the tone in the industry. Tracks such as “Prayerz Goin Up” that he both sings and raps on, was featured on Pittsburgh’s Wamo💯 Future Flavaz, MPOS podcast show, and had an article in the Beaver County Times written by Scott Tady. “Besides it’s universal subject matter reflecting on friends and family who have passed away, Kipp-E performs the song with a Drake-like vocal delivery making “Prayerz Goin Up” worth checking out”- Scott Tady. This is what diversely sets him apart from other artist in the industry that lack content in their music. “Driven By Greed & Hard 2 Love” is the title of the album he is currently working on, often refered to as “D.B.G.H.2.L.” . He Plans to drop the album independently, in the first quarter of 2016. Until that date comes the singles that are lined up such as “Prayerz Goin Up”, F**K Em feat. Fre$h & Big Willz, and Money On My Mind feat. S-Kay will surely keep everyone on their toes while awaiting the arrival of “D.B.G.H.2.L.”.THIS NEW TRACK N.F.N features Artist Johnie5 A true Banger !

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