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Sargent at Arms. King is the second artist to record under the NXR Umbrella. Following The Late Great Detroit Artist Eeyanjae, Faith, Family and Community are the core of KW life and it shows in his music. Since 13 years old he has been using his creativity to escape the trials and tribulations of growing up in the city Detroit. As a Member of The NorthernXposureRecords/3rd strykeMuzic Family King Wallace has been featured in Movies, TV shows, radio interviews worldwide. During his growth within his parent Label Northern Xposure Records & Ceo Marlin H Franklin This artist Love to Market new Music . With a goal to Take this Song and others to the Ears Of DR.DRE, SNOOP DOGG, ICECUBE, THE GAME, E40, TOOSHORT,. Detroit Native & Hardworking Artist KING WALLACE Is ready to release this single to The world. “Let Me Put you Down” was written, recorded,mixed,mastered by Himself! Releasing over 500 songs in 10 months time. The artist KingWallace is on every streaming outlet in the market So go check him out. He also has a project Da-rebirth Ep distribution provided by UMG’S Sub-division Spinnup out now ! We are sure we have not heard the Last of The Detroit Native & His NorthernXposureRecords Empire.

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