Known for her uncanny ability to effortlessly bring together the worlds of Hip Hop, R&B and Pop, while maintaining a distinctly Jazz and Caribbean sound, Kei DUBB’s first offering – “DUBB Play-It Volume 1: The Reggae-Soul EP” – takes the artiste in an even more unique direction sonically.

In this, her debut EP, Kei DUBB seamlessly fuses her smooth and naturally jazzy brand of singing with the Reggae edge of her native Jamaica. Her potent songwriting and ear for melody comes to the fore as she croons her way into the hearts and ears of listeners on this refreshingly melodic body of work.

Spurred on by the classic Jazz/Reggae fusion track “Beautiful”, “DUBB Play-It Volume 1: The Reggae-Soul EP” is cross continental in its sound and is reflective of an artiste taking strides in the direction of leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. Expected to find its place in the Adult Contemporary and Worldbeat music markets, “DUBB Play-It Volume 1: The Reggae-Soul EP” speaks volumes for the endless possibilities available to an artiste who has chosen to express her own thoughts, in her own voice, and on her own terms.

“DUBB Play-It Volume 1: The Reggae-Soul EP” is a collaborative project between Kei DUBB, TerryVibes Productions (Greece), Armour International (Jamaica) and Vermix Records (Jamaica), and comes complete with 4 main tracks, and 3 bonuses including a behind the scenes story of the EP (intro), an exit and an extra full track. All bonuses are available when the EP is purchased as a whole project.