Release Info/credits
Songwriters: Katie Belle and Fabio Campedelli. Production: Fabio Campedelli.
Belle a fan of mixed genre music, brings liveliness and energy to her original music. Unique raspy vocals & low range serve as the foundation for productions utilizing Indie pop, r&b and edm styles. Belle’s lyrics compliment her contemporary sound

Katie Belle an American Contemporary Pop Artist newest single, “The Best You’ll Ever Have,” is brilliantly performed, well-written, and boasting an attention-grabbing modern-sounding production that will draw you in instantaneously, Katie Belle’s “The Best You’ll Ever Have” is a sublime-sounding contemporary pop track that combines Katie’s alluring vocal presence with a richly detailed synth-driven mix that offers plenty in the way of melody and sonic intrigue. Part feisty, part dark, part foot-tapping, and part contemplative – but energetic throughout – the lyrical themes grapples at the notion of resorting to unorthodox methods to gain one’s attention – namely breaking up. And the creative decision to have an electronic arrangement produced over Belle’s vocals splendidly complements the lyrical themes, courtesy Fabio Campedelli’s highly stylized yet minimalistic production, reminiscent of the works of Finneas and Calvin Harris.

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