Song info/credits
“Said The Liar to The Yes Man” -Lyric video is visually an Andy Warhol-ic artsy lyric scrolling version of singer songwriter story telling. Thanks to #vizy tools and the production work of City Cousin Publications, its a newer presentation of what has been dubed by author Julius Julio Veal as the-credits-rolling theme song for the seemingly endless [d]Rump saga. Guitar, voice, and steady drum groove make for a simple up-tempo singer songwriter style music foundation. Up front double entendre lyrics speaking to the character of well know hypocrite gangster alliances in current public political arena(s) make this a politically conscious work. NOT a partisan political ad. Art speaks from the streets or in the case of this video it speaks one view at a time so get your kareoke on. Worthy of a one time listen regardless of ones genre favorites. Available in All stores and streaming services, add to your playlist for review.

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