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This project is a – metaphorically/analogously – sonic reference to the ideas of Involution combined with concepts found within studies of Cosmology, Eschatology, Comparative Spirituality, Mythology, Astrology and Metaphysics. The music is a blend of downtempo, electronica & hip-hop instrumentals in a progressive way, where the songs develop changes in melodic background over time.

The cover art is a vectored silhouette which was overlayed with a rendered texture design using various algorithms to form the figure of a woman balancing different energies above her hand. This is to signify the concept of the “Universal Mother” of ancient spiritualism to the universe itself. As in the idea of a world (or a “Matrix”) stems or shares from the same roots as the English words “motor”, “mother”, & even “womb” which are references to the universe and the Earth. She is wearing a top in the shape of a section of a torus field to also fit this motif. She is not meant as a symbol to something external, she is meant to represent the reasoning of the human species in general in relation to the existence and the inquiries of life in relation to the universe as a whole.

The entire record uses this direction to illustrate the multifarious paths of life & nature in general. The titles of the songs are mainly personifications within this concept much like mythology is to astrology as many comparative religious scholars have noted both old and new.

All of the music is composed, produced and performed by myself and the cover art is also created by myself using FL Studio & a minimal use of VSTs. The only hardware used is a MIDI keyboard which was used to improvise. Some of these songs are made up of multiple layers of recordings superimposed into each other to create the progressive sound of the songs.

The music on this record was recorded throughout the years of 2018 & 2019 even though it was (technically) released in 2022 and has only very recently been available on other music streaming platforms. The foregoing motif mentioned was not an idea from the offset to create the music but eventually became this idea over time as these musical explorations and experiments became more consistent & structured enough to form the album in a certain order of songs as well as in concordance with my own personal research into these subjects. The music itself was an attempt – in general – to create something different within the blends of hip-hop, triphop, downtempo, ambience & instrumentation.

This description fits the majority of my projects with the difference being in the subtle lenses on various portions of this information as well the changes of genre with different projects.

Special thanks to anyone who takes the time to listen.

– Jory T.B.W.

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