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Saran has gone from best-kept-secret status to being hailed as one of the freshest new voices in alt-pop/adult contemporary music. She wowed critics with 2015’s Merry Christmas, You Are Loved, her debut holiday album produced by multiple Grammy and Emmy-winning record maker Narada Michael Walden (Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Sting) and released on his own Tarpan Records.

Fans have been speculating as to what Saran will do next, and now that answer is upon us: Jazz. On September 20, the Hong Kong-based singer releases the five-song EP Smoky Nights (Tarpan Records), once again produced by Walden, that sees her fully embracing the moody and melancholy genre she’s loved her entire life.

Saran touched on smooth jazz with the aching track “Last Kiss” (from Walk With Me), but her new songs inhabit the format completely. Smoky Nights’ title cut is a silky, languid beauty that casts a seductive spell on a listener. Says Saran, “It’s about a feeling you have with another person. You want to be there, you want it to work, but you know it won’t. It’s about that hesitation. You see it before you, but you can’t go there.”

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