y name is Tylin Jarrett and I am 17 years old. I started writing songs this last summer, when I fought through depression. So I started praying to God, as I know I’ve always been a great kid and didn’t understand why bad things happen to people who do the right things. I thought He wasn’t listening, because I didn’t see any change. I gave up for a while. It wasn’t pretty. But just when it seemed like there was no hope, everything changed in an INSTANT. I got my drive back, my motivation, and most importantly my WILL TO LIVE. I then wrote this song over the course of the next week, and I came up with a song with my dad. I want to make music that people could REALLY relate to and that would create a positive influence in the world. The message of all my songs is based around spreading positivity and motivating people to do good things. Even if we get knocked down or feel stuck in life, we have to keep moving on for those problems to get better and eventually dissipate. I want everyone to remember me as an inspiring role model and someone to look up to in their life. We can all be a beam of light when the world seems cold and dark. A glistening light of hope. That’s what I aspire to be.Thank you, and have a wonderful day!