LA-Based Chicago-bred postpunk artist The Sea At Midnight has released the new single ‘We Share The Same Stars’, complete with intriguing new video.

Produced and mixed by Chris King of Cold Showers and with Brandon Pierce of Glaare contributing drums, this is a fresh taste of this artist’s eponymous debut album, due out later this year.

Earlier this year, The Sea at Midnight released a string of stellar singles, including ‘Medicine’, ‘Melancolia’, ‘How Many Times’ and ‘Edge of The World’.

The Sea At Midnight is songwriter Vince Grant. Inspired by classic postpunk bands like The Cure, Joy Division, the Psychedelic Furs, Siouxsie and the Banshees, New Order and Echo and the Bunnymen, he bought his first guitar at 23 and played in various Chicago bands before eventually moving to Los Angeles.

He bounced back and forth between New York and LA for a number of years, playing and singing in numerous bands and grappling with drug addiction and alcoholism. After getting sober and making a serious attempt at dealing with his lifelong depression, Vince now calls LA home.

What began as an acquaintance via Craigslist, internet file swapping of acoustic demos, and an initial single blossomed into plans for an EP and then full length album.

“When working with Chris King, we approached every song asking “What is good for this song?” rather than “How can we make it sound like all the others or how can we make it sound like such and such band”. Each song has its own individual vibe and we didn’t want to rely on a sonic cookie cutter approach with the same musical template. That’s why I especially like bands such as The Cure and Depeche Mode. You know it’s them immediately, but each song has its own personality and style. If I strive for anything, it’s that – for The Sea At Midnight to be recognizable while, at the same time, each song has its own unique personality,” says Vince Grant.

“This release was never supposed to happen. I thought my days of playing in bands and recording were over. If it weren’t for fate, this record would have never been made. I had no intentions of recording ever again. For want of a better word, the ‘dark’ scene is where I’m coming from. I also really feel a kinship to the cyberpunk esthetic. Lyrically many of the songs deal with my struggles with alcohol and drug addiction and coping with lifelong depression. I suppose there is a strong element of sadness to them, but I also feel they contain a glimmer of hope.”

‘We Share The Same Stars’ is out now via iTunes, Spotify and other digital retailers, and can also be obtained directly from the artist via Bandcamp. The full album eponymous LP is due out in autumn in 2020.

All songs written by Vince Grant
Produced, recorded and mixed by Chris King at Moon Palace Productions, Los Angeles
Drum programming by Brandon Pierce of Glaare
Mastering by Masterplus