We are 3 friends from Yutan NE who have been talking about starting a band for a long time. finally we have put it together and are excited to show the world what we are passionate about. Rock music flows through our veins! we strive to put on the best show we can along with some of the best music we can create. stay tuned because we have only just begun!

Review written by Brandon Maynard

Coming in hot for the spotlight is “the long awaited”. The long awaited is a 3 piece hard rock band hailing from Yutan ne. The long awaited is made up of 3 friends who talked about making a band for 15 years and finally got around to doing it and boy are we glad they did. The long awaited prides themselves with their heavy riffs, massive drum fills, and catchy vocals. The long awaited has been working hard to get there music heard through out the rock world. They have 2 singles out that we just can’t get enough of and to put us at the edge of our seats there set to be working on a full album! If you love great music, high energy shows, and a band who really loves what they do then the long awaited is for you. Make sure to check them out and show some love these guys are going to go somewhere we feel it.