Sova Black is an upcoming hip hop artist from southern Virginia. He intertwines lyricism, spirituality and street life in his style of rap, all the while speaking on relatable issues in a clever & catchy way. He is a very versatile artist that is definitely gaining a buzz all over. He has released 6 Ep’s since 2018. His latest releases are Bi Polar, Black Winter, King X, and Black Thoughts. He is in affiliation with Death Row ENT. and BET Mobile DST. (Distribution). His consistency and hard work is definitely putting people on notice. His style of music is compared to the likes of Kevin Gates as he has stated in multiple interviews that he is one of his biggest influences as a artist. Sova Black has a single entitled drip that has amassed over one hundred thousand streams thus far all over the world. His music is available on all major platforms. We feel he is Virginia’s most slept on artist, his bars and metaphors entrench is in the music and allows us to relate to him in one of the most human ways possible. He is one of the realest most humble people I have yet to meet in this cut throat industry. His performances are something to behold. We thoroughly enjoy his music and look forward to hearing more. He is also a vocal engineer mixing and mastering every release he has put out thus far. A truly talented individual with a drive that’s unmatched. He makes good music keeps you entertained and we give him two thumbs up. Follow him on Instagram at