Ricci Payne is a Canadian based artist from Montreal, Quebec. Originally born in the city of Freetown Sierra-Leone in Africa on the 29th of July 1990 before the civil war and conflict over the blood diamonds. Coming from a distant place where he had only left at as a child, he still did not get the chance to go back and visit his natal country yet as the man he is now becoming today but that’s about to change soon.

Growing up in Montreal he’s only been doing what he was thought best by his preceding peers. Now that he has finally decided to reveal his music to the public his music video to his top spreading single ‘Get It has gotten a lot of reach in very few months and so far several people have given him a lot of positive feedback from most of the songs they’ve heard so far. He has produced and is working with a lot of independent producers from Canada and also around the globe.

Ricci now has a very supportive team with a variety of skills and a strong morale behind him. He has managed to put together several songs with more on the way having a solid marketing plan as an Independent Artist in order to gain the proper attention and exposure that he truly deserves. He is now ready to launch the full start up of his music career and wants to be remembered for his artistic wordplay and most expressive sound!

Link to the latest music