Imperial A-Team LLC

Rachel “Rayche” Stanford was destined for music stardom. Being that the Brooklyn native derives from a tribe of aunts who own amazing voices, the natural assumption was that the little girl who always sung along to commercials would also be a singer. Although Rayche grew up inspired by divas like Mariah Carrey, Mary J. Blige and Lauryn Hill, she was more interested in spitting like rap lyricists Jadakiss, Jay-Z, Eminem and Remy Ma. As a teen, she grew a local reputation for being a natural freestyler. Soon thereafter she maturated into a writer who superseded her male peers. Today, Rayche is ready to take the world by storm as the first artist on the roster of management collective, Imperial A Team.

The first shot from Rayche is the electric single “Giant.” Produced by newcomer Gezzell, the drill track is a sonic frenzy that will surely assault ears all summer 2020. The highlight of the track is Rayche’s relentless flow. She rides the beat like a G7 over a bed of clouds. Her modus operandi for this first swing was to inform all that when it comes to craftsmanship, there isn’t much gender competition for her. The follow up single is the good vibes only ode “Up.” The melodic tune is full of life and serves as a perfect home for Rayche’s fluid pen.

Although, her rhymes and delivery forecast a future championship, Rayche is looking forward to showcasing vocal ambidextrousness on her upcoming EP. Similar to how The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill served golden R&B with shining moments of superior rap skill, Rayche intends to offer the reverse. Her focus is to use her heavyweight bars and big voice to inspire brown girls and women around the world like her role model Michelle Obama. She understands the every day struggle that comes with being a Black woman in America; the expectation to remain strong and consistently make something out of nothing. Now all the black girl magicians not only have a new voice, but a sick flow to match the swag. The name is Rayche.