Rasky Sadagr is a self-described “Echo Boomer with Generation X aesthetics.” Based in Germany, Rasky originates from Lithuania. The name Rasky Sadagr appeared to him in a dream and upon waking he kept it as an Artist.. Never learning to officially play an instrument was not an obstacle for Rasky; he started to play around with a music tracker: sampling, playing with sounds, improvising and imitating the music he heard. It was then that he understood he had the tools and the talent to create his own artistic work. Rasky finds material from his everyday life: voices, noises, etc. Hotline Europe was his debut demo-tape in the fine tradition of the classic cassette. Two EP’s followed, Sacrifice I and Sacrifice II. The two EP’s emerged from his heart after he moved to German, fell in love, left his homeland and started a new life.