Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Margarita Berrier (née Pinkosz) is an established classical pianist, harpsichordist and chamber musician. Berrier’s music journey began at the tender age of 4 in the N. Lysenko National Music school in Kiev, Ukraine and then continued to pursue music at the K. Szymanowski School of Music in Warsaw, Poland till her graduation in 2004. At just age 6, Margarita had her debut performance in National Filharmonia in Warsaw sharing the stage on multiple occasions with internationally renowned musicians. Even as a young performer, she showed great potential obtaining countless of awards including winning 1st prize in two categories in the Int’l Piano Competition in Brest, France. Artist performed regularly in Poland and other European countries, and USA, and was invited to national and int’l masterclasses and festivals such as Fermata, Duszniki Zdrój, Łańcut, Krynica Zdrój, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana. She also worked closely with other critically acclaimed musicians including Andrzej Jasinski, Elisso Virsaladze, Ewa Poblocka, Jerome Rose, Oxana Yablonskaya, Vera Nossina, Wiktor Mierzhanov and was eventually invited to Fundusz na Rzecz Dzieci due to her achievements and accreditations. Even as Miss Berrier moved on to high school, her passion of the craft never wavered as she continued to perform for festivals on multiple occasions in Europe. The musician eventually got accepted into the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, Belgium under guidance of Evgeni Moguilevsky, and later Daniel Blumenthal.

Continually gaining even more awards like winning 2nd Prize in the Int’l Piano Competition in Paris, France “Madeleine de Valmalète”, she started to gain interest in Polish music in a turn of events.
An accomplished and respected classical musician Margarita Berrier has many awards and accolades under her belt as follows, 1st Prize in the Grand Metropolitan Int’l Music Competition, 1st Prize in the IMKA Music Competition, finalist in the Int’l Piano Competition in Kosice, Slovakia, invited to the “L’art Hulencourt” Belgium, to the Cannes festival for recording music to Silentium Dei, recording CD with Polish music for Belgian association under patronage of European deputy Frederique Ries, inaugurating concert for Poland joining European Union in Porto, Portugal. Scholarship Winner for Udo Heinemann Int’l Masterclasses, Scholarship Winner to Ecole normale Alfred Cortot Paris, France, Trinity College London scholarship for Alexander Technique masterclasses, invitation to Oxana Yablonskaya’s (Julliard School) Piano Institut in Lucca, Italy. She also also performed for countless festivals including; American Bach Soloists, Jeunes Solistes in Mezin, France, Europalia, Fete de la Musique, Welcome to Belgiumin Chateau de Valduchesse and many more.

Recently musician graduated in the Early music in the studio of the Grammy nominated Corey Jamason. With a keen interest in Polish music, Margarita seeks to perform more unknown repertoire from her country, as well as commission harpsichord pieces from Polish composers. She is also passionate about environment and is looking to connect with like minded artists who want to combine music performance with sustainability.