After facing many struggles during adolescence, Jay Childs (A.K.A. Justin Childress) took refuge in music. While using his lyrics as a vehicle for self-expression, the young, Memphian used his lyrics as a tool to share his story. Although it was a median to vent, he also used his imagination, spread positive messages; hoping he could influence his innerself. Sadly, his primary inspiration came from his younger brother’s death; beginning his creative writings as early as nine years old. As he developed his craft, his mother began treating him fundamental business skills by teaching him how to sell candy and raffle tickets. By age 15, Jay contributed towards his household bills. Inevitably, Jay learned how to produce and sell his very own musical products. After being signed to a previous label, his first album, ”Childress Manor, ” was released. However, since he was signed to a bogus contract, he eventually cut ties with the label and went his own way. Nonetheless, Jay determined not to become defeated. Shortly thereafter, Jay was in a fatal car accident which resulted in him flatlining three times. Subsequently, he woke three weeks later after being in a medically induced coma. While preparing for rehabilitation, Jay learned his mother passed away from a heroin overdose. Even though his mother declared him as being a rock star, he still carries his mother’s spirit with him throughout his journey. Since his initial record deal, Jay has released five mixtapes and have increased his audience throughout the south. While he still feels motivation from selling his albums on the streets, Jay has since signed a new record deal with Genetix Recordings. As he continues to make waves, Jay has proven to be a force to wrecked with throughout the industry. And, his hustle will not go to waste.