Greg Gjerde was born in Burnsville, Minnesota in 1999. Constant moving, and thus having to readjust to a new environment, served as one of many hardships that Greg has faced over the course of his life. Having moved to Iowa and then being admitted into several programs for personal help, Greg strives greatly in keeping with the positivity. Wanting to be a singer since he was in the 8th grade, Greg has never shied away from chasing his ultimate dream. Greg would be described by his friends as the pinnacle of success and perseverance. A natural sense of positivity and strength, his own life hardships, and his newly seen success as a singer in the world provide many around him with a sense of enlightenment and hope so that they might muster the strength to achieve success themselves. Greg’s ultimate goal as a singer is to inspire others in an attempt reinvent a new life for himself, a notion by which he can positively reflect upon himself and those around him. Never tripping, always fresh, and ready greatness. Greg is ready to kill ‘em with mass amounts of kindness, love, and inspiration.