Alberto Ludovici, A.K.A. 001 BEST, was born in L’Aquila on April 9th 1983. Both spiritually and by birth he is a 80’s son, in fact this colorful and light-hearted decade has always influenced his conceptual vision of art and life.
In this same decade, too, when he was 6 he began taking private piano lessons (suspended 8 years and several volumes of Bach later) and every winter afternoon of his childhood featuresa vinylsoundbackground (from his parent’s collection) including(in addition to a very rich collection of classical music) Lucio Battisti, the Beatles, Franco Battiato, Pink Floyd, Bee Geesand a hardcover album with strange and mysterious songs, called “Architecture & Morality” by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.
Starting in the mid-1990s, after he purchased a considerable amount of CDs, a good Korg keyboard and some live equipment, Alberto Ludovici began acting as a DJ in parties with friends and also in some local clubs; then he joined the cover band career.

Until the early years of the new Millennium, the artist (not yet 001 BEST) performed live around the centerof Italyin many kind of stages(venue,clubs, parks, theaters, squares)covering manydifferent genres ranging from 80’s Rock (precisely) to Contemporary Pop, to Power Metal, till sublimatingtoa long-awaitedPink Floyd cover band (unfortunately only oneconcert,held in L’Aquila at the 2003 Art Day).
Alberto Ludovici’s lastlive performance with keyboard and micdates back to 2005, coveringMuse, Bon Jovi and The Darkness; he performed as Rock DJ, too, in the same show.In the same year he startedtaking singing lessons, attendedan annual master for sound technicians and deepenedthe programming techniques of his blazing brand-newKorg Triton Extreme 88 workstation.
In the 2007-2008 period the musician conceivedhis solo project, writing a dozen texts in English and composing multiple harmonic and melodic lines, with the idea of a Pop Concept Album.

In 2009, suddenly, hislife was shattered by L’Aquila earthquake, so the boy saw himself thrown headlong into work and into a daily existence that left little room for sounds and colors. For many,many months the piano was set aside and the glorious keyboard relegated to a dark and damp cellar.
He wrote a song about this tragedy, called 3.32, blending Psychedelic Rock, Black Music and Heavy Metal. Single was launched on the same day of the earthquake, on 10thAnniversary.Inthese yearsAlberto Ludovicidrove hiscar (for work and pleasure) for more than750000 miles, keeping himself up to date (thanks to a good car radio system) on the musical currents of all time, with extremely eclectic tastes.

Finally, just 10 years after the beginning of the embryonic solo project, intheSummer of2017(50 years after Summer of Love)the artist foundcourage to take back those unfinished texts and notes, perfecting English (deepened for work reasons with private lessons), resuming singing lessons, and updating his music choice.
The name 001 BEST came out as a joke(because 001 is the first name that appearsin acomputeralphabetical order), then headdedup some aspects: 001 because the artist does everything by himself (both arrangements&texts &rappin’& singin’& graphics),001 because his music is mainlyelectronic(thusbinary), 001 BEST because the artist promoteshimself as the (humble) founder of a new musical genre, which he likes to define SPPR.Symphonic PsychedelicPop Rap: it’s acrazy comet burning flames of70’s Progressive &Psychedelic Rock, then crossing 80’sNew Wave, 90’sElectronics& Big Beat, shining of early 2000’s ClassicRapand finally explodingto nowadays Contemporary Pop dynamics!

The first single, called I keep standing above the clouds, featuring001 BEST songs Grace under fire and Above the clouds, was released physically (in limited numbered edition of 1000 copies) on 20th December 2018andlaunched on 28th March 2019 in the most important Music Digital Storesand Streaming Services.Othersingles came out: 3.32(about his hometown earthquake)and the double No turns, Ultraviolet GT!On July 2019 the 5 songs released passed 50000 Spotify total plays.In the next monthsthe 12-tracksConcept Album will rise, and it will represent (according to001 BEST’s intentions) the convergence between Rock, Rap and Pop, hoping for a vasteaudience of all ages, worldwide.Very ambitious.

001 BEST is a 360 degrees artist, he writes lyrics, raps, sings and arranges his songs with his belowedkeyboard, a drum machine plugin and stunning VST, adding environmental sounds like Pink Floyd did.He creates by himself everything about his music (videoclips, artworks, advertising, Socials) and his mind is full of unconventional ideas, like the weird outfits he uses for live performances.In June 2019he did a double show at Pinewood Festival 2019 (he calls it “mylittle Woodstock”): he performed 4 songslive,with Hip Hop dancers and Psychedelic operators, and he built a lysergic stand, called “The Hallucination Corner”with his visionaryartworks, hallucinations clipsand a night lightshow,60’s Fillmore style.He made for this exhibitiona 7 feet wide pyramid representing his music, called SPPR Pyramid II;the four sides are the four souls: Symphonic, Psychedelic, Pop, Rap.
To improve his art he studied extensively Storm Thorgerson works.

001 BESTis the UNEXPECTED, he blends life withplay on words, mathswithcolors, sounds with illusions, beats with artworks, and his wide, eclectic musical knowledge allows him to recallso many influences,to create new coolsongs,anda uniquenewgenre. This is the reason why he chose the name 001.BEST.