You recently dropped your first full project “VANIII”, what influenced you to create this project?

What influenced me to drop this project is the whole summer vibe theme. Since summer 2021 was right around the corner why not give them something to slap wit the top down on a hot summer day.

On your newest project, do any songs tell a specific story or hold a special meaning?

“OverThink” holds a special meaning because my grandmother passed August 19th 2020 and ever since I’ve pretty much been trying to tell myself not to overthink the pain from her passing and to keep pushing and follow my dream because I know that’s what she would want.

Leading up to this project, what improvements have you made as an artist?

Improvements I’ve made as an artist are: pronouncing words better than usual, having a more open mind to video ideas and claiming my sound.

What would you say is currently your greatest strength as an artist?

I would say my first impression and impact on people from my music

Other than music, do you have any other relatable interests to share with our audience?

Since I was a kid I never thought rap was going to be my dream because I was playing football from like 1st – 5th grade but the man had other plans for me and better plans.

What is one experience in life that, without it, you wouldn’t be the artist you are today?

My knowledge of the music industry.

Name your favorite West Coast and East Coast artist at the moment.

West coast: Tupac, East coast: Toosii

Can you tell us more about your new video for “Overthink”?

The video is based off of my pain of the passing of my grandmother and the visuals were shot by @ivan_shoots thats the second video we’ve done together and everytime we shoot… we score….