In today’s fast-paced digital world, musicians and artists are constantly seeking innovative ways to promote their music and reach wider audiences. We had the pleasure of sitting down with the team behind MuzicNotez to dive deep into their journey, the philosophy that sets them apart from other music promotion services, and the comprehensive support they offer to artists looking to make their mark.

We’re delighted to have this opportunity to chat with you today. Thank you for making the time for this interview.

Can you share the story behind the founding of MuzicNotez and what inspired you to focus on online music promotion?

It’s our pleasure! Thanks for having us. My names Nick, my partner Mike and me started over a decade ago. Initially, it was started from our love of music. We both played guitar together and always went to concerts. Music was a huge part of our lives. Mike went to school for marketing and we started coming up with our initial plan on how to build a business that can help emerging musicians. The way it has grown over the years has been amazing. All the new music we have discovered and artists we have had the pleasure to work with, is a huge honor.

How does MuzicNotez differentiate itself from other music promotion services in the market?

First off, we put a lot in to this. All of the work behind the scenes to stay up to date with the latest marketing trends. All of the little things you need to do to make a difference, we take the time to get it right. Most importantly, we do the same with each artist that we work with. The artists that spend a part of their valuable budget on us, get our full attention. We go above and beyond to get to know each artist and present them in the best possible light for the biggest impact possible.

Plus, we’re always preaching how independent artists should look at their music project or band like a small business. We don’t just stay up to date on music marketing trends, but business marketing. Applying those same tactics to pushing an artist brings a big result.

Could you walk us through the range of services MuzicNotez offers to musicians and artists?

Of course, thanks for asking. We offer a wide range of promotion to fit any independent artists needs. Starting with features in our magazine, reviewing new music releases and in depth interviews. Features on quality music sites like yours and ours are obviously highly beneficial for any artist. Get in our magazine here –

Then, we offer digital marketing campaigns of varying sizes, depending on the artists needs. These campaigns and press packages promote artists to our targeted mailing list of 15k+. They also include social media marketing, playlisting, features in our magazine, press around our site and targeted ads our marketing team creates. See our press packages here –

On top of that, we have monthly subscriptions to MuzicNotez PRO and BOOST. These provide ongoing promotion for active musicians that regularly have new music to plug. PRO is free to try for the first month, you can do that here –

MuzicNotez BOOST provides monthly features in our magazine as well as the press. It’s basically our promo campaign each month, at a bargained rate. It will continually boost an artists web presence through building back links and improving an artists SEO. Join here –

We also offer playlisting, social media marketing and more. Just look around our site.

For an artist just starting out, what initial steps would you recommend they take to kickstart their career?

The first step for any artist starting out is to get started on building their web presence. Creating their social pages, and when doing that trying to make sure each page has the same @bandname. That makes it easier down the road for fans to find and follow them. If they don’t create a website right away, they should at least create a link tree to include in each social page. Plus a way for fans to join their mailing list. It’s never too early to start building an artists mailing list.

It goes without saying that the music should be front and foremost of course. At least need one good quality single to promote. The production quality should be high as possible for a first release. Get it on all the streaming sites, reach out to playlist curators and promotional sites like ours to promote it for them. The more they can get features linking back to them the better.

Beyond all this, content is king. Keep plugging away on pushing quality content to their social pages. Artists should also really focus on building a brand around their project or band too. Creating an image and persona that sets them apart.

Another quality way to find a following early on or at any time, is collaboration. Work with other artists, then you’ll be introduced to their already established fan base.

What trends in music marketing are you most excited about?

There are a number of marketing trends that can be taken advantage of right now for promoters and artists alike. First off, the number of tools out there that can make your life easier than ever is a huge asset. It really levels the playing field for independent artists, allowing them to compete without the need of a label. All of the analytics that you can analyze to target your exact audience and get the most bang for your buck in ad spending is huge too.

Using sites like Fiverr to find affordable freelancers to assist you is also a huge asset. From creating the music to the marketing site of things, it can really make a difference. We put together a list of some of the top people artists can collaborate with here –

The rise of AI and ChatGPT is also something a lot of artists should be taking advantage of. It can really be a quality educational tool for artists that don’t know a lot about marketing, just start asking it anything. You’ll get answers quicker than Googling. Beyond that, it’s a great tool to brain storm email headlines for your mailing list or other promotions. We wrote more about that here –

The hottest thing right now though in social media that all of the best artists really take advantage of, is short form videos. The rise of TikTok made this huge, people want to consume quick videos. Instagram and Facebook have also followed suit with their shorts of course. Every artist these days plugs each release with continually pushing shorts, singing a short part of their song, or telling a bit of their story. It’s a great way to connect with your fan base. Plus, these have a higher chance of going viral. So many artists that gain quick success, is from a short that went viral, and it’s usually on TikTok.

How do you plan to evolve your services in the coming years to keep up with the changing digital landscape?

Every year we seem to release something new and we always have a number of ideas on the burner. Lately though, we’ve been sending surveys to our artists to directly get their input on what they need right now. This has proved to be invaluable information.

We have a lot of exciting things that we’re building behind the scenes and will be launching in the coming months. One thing we’ve noticed a lot of interest in, is education and information. Artists know about making music, but the marketing side isn’t always as easy. We write articles with free promotional tips. But we’re taking it a step further and developing various educational courses to help artists stay informed.

We also believe we’re stronger working together than against each other. We’re open to collaborating with other sites and promoters to ultimately work together to promote new music. Any way we can serve musicians, is a win for all of us.

Is there anything else you’d like to share or highlight about MuzicNotez before we conclude our interview?

First of all, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Like we just touched on, music promoters working together is a win for all of the artists we promote. Most importantly, thank you to all of the artists we have worked with over the years. It goes without saying that we wouldn’t be here without you. The number of artists that are repeat customers, and come to us continually with each new release, is the biggest honor we can think of. We have truly become friends with so many of these artists over the years. Building these personal relationships with the artists is huge. Any artists that are reading this, please check us out at and send us a message.

If you’re not looking to buy promotion right now, we also have plenty of free promotional tips in our magazine –

Beyond that, fans of music, please look around our magazine and find something new! Please add the artists music to your playlists, follow their pages, share the articles. It doesn’t take a lot to support an artist, but I assure you it means the world to them!