Tell us a more about your new music.

The new music I’ve created is not only my fav music, it’s got a lot of me in it. I’ve been experimenting and even included some elements of Russian folk music. All I can say is that my new songs are personal and emotional and I am proud of all the work I’ve done with my music producer.

Where are you from and are you loving LA?

I was born and raised in Nakhodka, Russia, a tiny port town next to the Sea of Japan. I love LA but at the moment I live in NYC.

When did you know music was going to be you passion?

I was born into a very musical family. My dad played guitar and sang, my mom was a piano teacher and I attended music school at the age of 6. I don’t remember exactly when, but I begged my mom to let me study piano. I would sing everywhere I went and used to put together shows for all my birthdays! I found my passion at a very early age.

What memorable responses have you had from your audiences?

I remember the following day after my show in Los Angeles I received a message from my girlfriend. She was so inspired she couldn’t sleep so she wrote a script. It felt so amazing to know I inspired someone to do something toward their own goal. I know I am on a mission to encourage people to follow their passions and just take action and do it.

What would be your dream musical TOUR to go on?

Every day, I keep saying, I’ve got to manifest it into my life sooner or later. I would like to open for Ed Sheeran I am such a big fan of his work.

How do you see the future of independent music?

I see the future of independent music as great! Independent musicians are very capable of making lots of money from streaming, shows, and merchandize. We don’t need record labels. On top of that, you can get all the tools you need online.

What are you most looking forward to in the rest of 2019?

I can’t wait to release my music for everyone to hear. Also, I am getting ready to shoot more visuals for my songs. I am super excited to be creating. I am really looking forward to start performing my new songs soon.