Hello I’m @KitCatK, I’m an Artist, Lyricist & Top Line writer. I’m a member of the ISSA (International Singer-Songwriters Association), the Ivors Academy & The Song Writers Academy. I’m a Semi Finalist at the International Song Writing Awards. I write across a whole range of genres, collaborating with composers, musicians & singers to achieve the final result. I hope you enjoy my work.

Where are you based?

How long have you been making music?
20+ years

What genre would you consider your music to be?
I write across genres – Country & Western, Pop, Experimental

What inspired you to pursue a career in music?
I have been a musician since I was 11 years old.

What are your biggest musical influences?
Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Hank Williams, Dolly, Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Depeche Mode, Max Manouch, Johnny Cash, Wanda Jackson, Scottish & Irish sings.

Are you signed to a label or are you an independent artist?
Independent @KitCatK2020

What have been the biggest challenges in your music career?
Making the time to focus.

How many songs or albums have you released to date?
“What of me” is my first release & I really hope y’all like it

Can you tell us a few things about your latest release?
It’s a haunting whistful tale of a girl left behind by her lover not knowing what the future holds. It has a Celtic hint & beautiful harmonies.

Any plans for new music or upcoming projects we should know about?
Yes!!!! I have 5 new tracks coming in February & March I can’t wait. The next one is a Country & Western song which will have you dancing in the aisles!