Han Sino. Electronica Nu Jazz & Spoken Word Artist. Based Near Paris, France.
Artistic Sound Design & Psychédélique Sound Research. Alternative Instrumental Hip Hop As Experimental Contemporary Music & Art. Project Of Classical Letters Of Urban Music. Music & ArtWorks Distributed Under the Artistic Label Silent N’ WIseSilencieux X Sage.

Where are you based?
Paris, France

How long have you been making music?
I make Music since 2007, officially. I am a mellowman since the early nineties. I have not been an activist, in my teen age, but I have always been involved in cultural researches, musical investigations, records and classics lover studies, knowledge of self, knowledge of diversity, knowledge of cultural diversity, study of underground movements, precursor of anticipating music as a lover & mellowman, practice of artistic activities since a young age, student of poetry, flow and declamation, adventurer of writing and daring literature alternative and Improbable, jazz lover and urban & electronic music lover.

What genre would you consider your music to be?
I define the genre of my Music as ElectronicaNu Jazz. I expand Nu Jazz Label To Electronic Jazz Inspired by Free Jazz and Jazz Funk. my Nu Jazz Vision Is a mix of Alternative Hip Hop, Electronica, Rare Grooves and Experiments. my Music is a synthesis of All kinds of Art I like and all genres of Music I love plus in addition The exploration of sounds and creativity that enables me to make Music by pure feeling and Absence of Theories. The Absence of Theory Is The Definitive Objective of my Musical Creation As pure Musical Calligraphies.

What inspired you to pursue a career in music?
I am a mellowman since the early nineties. I have always seen music as an alternative education. A school of life and wisdoms. Musical Calligraphies and Visionz helped me to find a way to heal my soul and elaborate a Culture, that could be honest, audacious and building in terms of sharing. For these reasons I very early understood I will never be a celebrated Musician, but that I could be a Poet of my own Legend as a Man Of Culture, and Partisan of Cultural Sharing, Debates & Urban Music Research and creativity. I became a Musician to create the music I wanted to hear, though it was not easy as An Autodidact to create it and succeed to elaborate a way to work in terms of refinement, skills or learning and self teaching. I took some courses of Theories and practice with a Jazz Musician Known under the Name of JadeNacre Jean Luc Riga, then with some Notions of harmonies I decided to elaborate and create my own definition of Nu Jazz as Electronica, And envisage a Project of contemporary Music and Art and Classical Letters of Urban Music And Urban Sound Design Research. Music is a Language in my eyes and I see it as Calligraphies and Poetic Visionz of Voidism. My Artist Name of Han Sino Represents my Cultural Synthesis As Musical Art Pieces and Works, And Proposition of Music beyond Colors, with in mind the Testament of common Western Sentimentalism, Oriental Voidism, And Afro Basses & Basements As Heart Liberation and healing. Han Sino means True Chinese or Natives. Natives can have a large or specific sens. Han Sino is based on Play upon words or Language Elements from West Africa that mean ‘the One Who married the Song’ … In an other sens The One who enter Legend and Poetry. By Alternative reading Han Sino can refers to various Oriental Languages. Han is closed to John… in all its forms Western and Oriental. In a certain sens Han Sino can refer to Cultures of Oriental Intoxication. Poetry. Art of Living.

What are your biggest musical influences?
My biggest musical influences are Jazz and Free Jazz music. Hip Hop as Classics and sound Research. British Electronic Music as a branche and Flower of Hip Hop. Alternative Hip Hop as Electronic Music. I like all kinds of Music. I am very conscious of the worth of each work. I used to be severe a little when I was younger, but I have always been Baroque in my way to choose the Music I listen to. I am sensible to Pop and music standards as educative. I love rock and hard rock of Ol’ Time and I am a fan of Blues. I have known some very precious Mellowmans And Music Érudits and Scholars of Underground. And I do Musical Cultural research and studies since the early nineties. Hip Hop led me to Electronic and Classical Music.

Are you signed to a label or are you an independent artist?
I am not signed. I publish my Works under the double name and Label of Silent N’ WIse Silencieux X Sage. These Brand are my own Creations of Discrete but Active and daring Artist of Musical Intrigues and Univers of Cultures.

What have been the biggest challenges in your music career?
I have realised in three days a soundtrack for a Film Maker named Parth Patadiya. He’s a Film Maker, Musician And Artist Of Gujarat In India. The Movie had for ambition to be the first Gujarat Psychedelic Short Movie. And the Soundtrack I made is groovy and Dark. The Films is Entitled ‘A Murder In me’. The Soundtrack too. My other best challenge is to have realised three irreproachable or almost ones Nu Jazz Electronica Albums of Instrumental Music. Outside them I have realised some other nice ones. The three Albums are ‘Exquisite Gardenz’, ‘Psyche Experience’ and ‘Void Visionz’. ‘The Blue Shapes Score’ is one of my classic despite the mix and frequency Injustice and errors. I am also proud to having been noticed by English speaking Medias and U.S. Big Medias of Urban & Electronica Music. I can quote the Former SNV Life and NY2LA Radio and the Former Blog Loud Vitamins. I am the first European, French or International Artist to appear in these Medias and on some others. I am also proud to having been noticed for my Art of Spoken Word on my Album ‘Poetic Art’ though it is in French. SNV Life and Loud Vitamins qualified it As an unknown Classic or Classic or Hip Hop International. My first drafts of Hip Hop Spoken Word were also noticed by International Mixtapes and Netapes Website Alongside U S Artists, though my first vocal recording wasn’t achieved.

How many songs or albums have you released to date?
I have released more than 32 digital projects but the results is constrasted though it is interesting. I retain around 5 or a little more Albums as the best or the better realised and mixed.

Can you tell us a few things about your latest release?
Void Is Inspired by the Culture of Voidism Middle Eastern as well as Asian Voidism. The Reference Is Cultural In the sens of artistic practice and way of Life. Void is the Absolute beyond concepts. In my eyes it represents The Real and Realism and the manifestation of this World As Poetics And Metaphores of the Real. Void Visionz is inspired by this comprehension and understanding. It expresses Music As Iconoclasm, Voidism, Artistic Audacity, Paradoxes, Arabic Calligraphies of Dissonance, Melodies of Asian Abstract Sciences and Philosophies. my way to produce Music is Absolute Improvisation, Calligraphy, Abstract Music Writing, Feeling, Art of Noise, Paradoxe, Mystification. Voidism in a sens Is my way to create Art Works. Musical and others. Urban Music and Electronica as Totally Artistic creative and Avant Garde sounds. The album contains 12 tracks. The tracks were realised In few weeks but I meditated for more than two years minimum or more to conceive and create this Album or project. I wanted to create a piece of Music Art inspired by Jazz Improvisation, Eastern Philosophies, Abstract Electronic Music, Based on Abstract Improbable Rythms, and unexpected sounds. The album and its cover is conceived like an Artistic work of creative poetic Improvisation Process. For the names of the tracks I found inspiration in poetry as well as Californian Slang and Gothic Urban Calligraphy. I pay tribute to Slang By Alternative poetic Lines. Void Visionz is a part of a Trilogy with the other Albums Psyche Experience, And Exquisite Gardenz. These three Albums Are Among my Best from Far, And the Best In Terms of Creativity, Sound Textures, Mastering, Mix, and Realisation.

Any plans for new music or upcoming projects we should know about?
I have realised more than 30 Musical Projects. There are some good Productions but I consider my learning to produce Music and my proposition of Alternative sounds as half Failure because of problems of production, Mix, Harmony, Play, Playing, cohesion, Realisation, care, esthetic despite a lot of creativity, Originality, Know how, Avant garde, Respect to The Predecessors, Tribute, Advance on time, and will to create and Surprise. I would like to realise at least 30 albums or Projects more, That is 30 irreproachable Projects of Instrumental Music, made of experimental tracks of audacity and daring Art of Noise, cunning, Refinement in sounds, Artistic Art of computer Assisted Music, CAM beyond technology, Technology fooled by Paradoxal Urban Music Creativity, Electronic Music made like Organic sounds, Fluid Nu Jazz Music of Digital Electronica. I also would like to produce One or two albums of Funk Electronic Digital Funk and Grooves, Pure Electro and Dark Hardcore daring sounds, and Artistic Nu Jazz Electronica Of New sounds and Audacity, Plus one or more Spoken Word Hip Hop of Abstract Lyricism In French, and Instrumentals with Light Rythms and unexpected Abstract sounds in Hip Hop Beyond Rap, Slam and Poetry. my 4th way in Hip hop Is Beyond Rap Slam And Poetry And my work beyond Technology Is Nu Jazz Electronica As Free Jazz Experiment of Electro Sounds And Electro Funk Made of Jazz Inspiration And Flavours.