DJ / Producer / sample slinger / beat crusher / key smasher / melody mangler / since 1994 /EmoDM… on a never ending quest to make electronic music that’s danceable and listenable

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Where are you based?
Dallas Texas USA

How long have you been making music?
wayyyy too long, but since 1994!

What genre would you consider your music to be?
the ability of people to classify music into smaller and smaller subgroups has always astounded me, let’s just say I make “listenable electronic music”, music that can be listened to without too much thought or pre loading of story or context, here it is, it’s not country or western… so there’s that!

What inspired you to pursue a career in music?
the pandemic changed me and my perception of how much time I have left on this earth, I decided that I HAD to put some music out, that the clock was ticking down to zero, it was not a “want to” it was more of a HAD TO!

What are your biggest musical influences?
I am inspired by various artists and musicians including the Beastie Boys, RUN DMC, Moby, Sex Pistols, Amanda Lepore, Prince, the Knife, Deee-Lite, Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, Sylvester, NIN, Divine, The Faint, Klaus Nomi, and Georgio Moroder just to name a few.

Are you signed to a label or are you an independent artist?
I am an independent artist, I answer to no one except myself

What have been the biggest challenges in your music career?
I think the disjointed nature of the way music is released to multiple and wholly different streaming platforms makes it hard for the end consumer/listener to find it and actually be allowed to hear it… you used to put out a CD or mix tape and that was it, the consumer bought it and listened to it, easy and simple! Things are WILDLY different now, and I can confidently say that the music industry as a whole is NOT in a good place for artists OR consumers of music.

How many songs or albums have you released to date?
9 full 20+ song albums and 11 singles, with many more to come!

Can you tell us a few things about your latest release?
Excerpt from my website “EVAR (RAVE spelled backwards) is a new album chocked full of 20 hard and some not so hard FESTIVAL favorites sure to please any crowd! Dj Nastypants spun up his first rave party at an abandoned warehouse in St. Louis in 1994 and has loved and supported rave culture ever since. Confidently and comfortably enjoy the journey through time and space knowing this album has almost 30 years of experience behind it! The singles “EVAR ANTHEM” with vocals by Sevda B and “My Country My Power” are sure to light the house up and send it soaring! “it’s the best day of our lives” with vocals by Tinn Singer delivers the summer banger we all need right now!”

Any plans for new music or upcoming projects we should know about?
OH YES, I have a dubstep inspired album coming up August 15th called “i like my face ripped off sometimes?”, I’m very excited about this release because it sort of pushes the boundaries of what I consider “listenable” electronic music. It comes from a conversation with a friend that was asking about what kind of music I make, I said you know “listenable” electronic music, stuff you can actually listen to in your car or working out, it doesn’t just tear your face off all the time… then he said “sometimes I like my face ripped off…” and that statement really struck a cord in me, literally…