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Nigerian born, raised in Ireland. Haszardblasze embarked on a music career in 2013, followed by a collaboration with artist Jayolafm to form record label “FreeMusicRep. Music Group”. With the success of the Single “Redede” Produced by Haszardblasze in 2018. The group took a break from releasing music in 2019, with a large amount of promising music on the way in 2020.

Haszardblasze & Jayolafm first track of 2020 is called “POWER”. This song was made in 2017, it’s amazing how it is only coming out now, but “life is a journey and this song means a lot to us”. This record consist’s of multiple images of struggle and pain and how to push through it. The meaning behind the record is about how timeless emotions are, and at this particular moment, these emotions can still be felt years after. This was written at a tough time, Haszardblasze lost about 5 years of music on a hard drive and with a bit of luck “call it faith”, the record came from finding the beat made by Haszardblasze and a voice note of the hook on his iPhone to finish the song.

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