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Widely considered one of the UK’s most rapidly burgeoning indie rock bands, Galaxy Thief, release the official music video to their latest single, ‘Timewaster’. ‘Timewaster’ heralds a new chapter for Galaxy Thief under new front man and co-writer, Rhys Messenger, as the band chisel a grittier, more mature sound which is grabbing the attention of brands, live stages and a snowballing fanbase. Boasting the enviable accolade of Yamaha Music London’s only ambassador band, Galaxy Thief are stamping an indelible mark on the indie rock scene – so if you’re not familiar with these boys yet, don’t waste another second, go check them out on Spotify.

Defined and distinctive, the compelling vocals of Rhys Messenger weave their way around the heart-stomping framework of this bold indie rock track. Tinged with reminiscent flecks of an 80’s vibe, yet oh so current and fresh, ‘Timewaster’ personifies the warning voice of time, holding up a mirror to the a life recklessly frittered away. Time speaks to those who build their flimsy house of cards on sand – knowing it’ll never stand the test of time; that everything built has been squandered. The track was recorded at Woodworm Studios with top producer Michael Smith (RYP recording – Weird Milk, The Pylons, Honey Lung etc) and mastered by the legend ‘Hippy’ Baldwin at Metropolis Studios.

A 4-piece grassroots, home-grown indie rock band, based on the South coast of England, Galaxy Thief have their own farm-based studio. This gives them the freedom to write and record 24/7, whenever the inspiration grabs them. Rousing audiences with their incredible live charisma, the band have notched up several hundred live performances throughout the UK (including main stage at the British Grand Prix and The Invaders of the Future stage at BESTIVAL), wrote and recorded their first EP ‘Mind Games’ and released a string of singles which have all received significant radio play including BBC Introducing. Their track ‘Money’ featured on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ and Sky MYTV ‘My Top Ten’. The boys have also recorded with solo artist and fellow YML Ambassador stable-mate, Amber T, on their Spring 2021 single ‘Shaken’.

With a summer of festivals ahead of them and a catalogue of new original tracks to showcase to audiences, Ben, George, Jake and Rhys, are ready to take the UK head-on. If you’re yet to discover the incredible Galaxy Thief – don’t waste a moment more – ‘Timewaster’ beckons.

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