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Pioneering blend of Indie/Pop bounds across UK borders as London’s Marquee Records signs new artist from Czech Republic

Hailing from the Eastern Bloc climes of the Czech Republic, the newest signing to iconic Marquee Records, Faana, unleashes a unique blend of Indie/Pop on to UK shores in the form of ‘Stop Running’ – released 26 August.

Vibrant and pulsating, ‘Stop Running’ bursts unashamedly with upbeat 70s retro vibes, reminiscent of Electric Light Orchestra, fused with Supertramp and a dash of 10CC – woven together with a unique contemporary quality, that stamps the hallmark of this burgeoning artist. Written Ed-Sheeran style on a looper in Faana’s bedroom in North East London, ‘Stop Running’ depicts the quick-sand emotion of squeezing an increasingly tighter grip on a relationship that’s slipping away. The harder you squeeze, the faster they run. Distinctive Faana vocals deliciously melt and loop their way around compelling riffs and beats, delivering a sound literally engulfs the listener with sheer energy and joy.

Touring with his musical dad since the age of 5, Faana began playing guitar at the age of 10, setting up his own band in his mid-teens. Whilst studying music at Uni in the Czech city of Brno, Faana was touted to join a band in Austria. Seizing the opportunity, Faana quit his studies, and perfected his skills playing in Austria and also in a Beatles tribute band, which saw him tour relentlessly around Europe for over 5 years. But, the musical freedom and creativity of London was always in his sights, so Faana took flight once again, this time for the UK. The live circuit well -trodden and two independent albums released, Faana was spotted by scouts at London’s iconic Marquee Records during the pandemic, and instantly snapped up.

Contracts freshly signed, ‘Stop Running’ heralds an exciting fresh impetus on the indie/pop scene – marrying the past with the present to create a captivating sound of the future. Welcome Faana.

Faana’s debut single on Marquee Records, ‘Stop Running’ is released on 26 August

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