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EL Capitan V-Man’s music is all about magic, it’s his signature.

EL Capitan V-Man discovered his passion for music as a small boy, in the back seat of the car, listening to his father’s music. He soon started collecting his own music, first using a Discman, then an mp3-player, and finally an iPod, bought with his hard-earned money. At high school, he was the first to have an iPod. It was borrowed by everyone in the school, which was known for its legendary playlist.

He discovered the art of music – the different tones, how songs were constructed, and how to make them even more beautiful. He was a real child of the ‘90s, and inherited a mix of musical genres like dance, urban and pop music. His interest in creating music grew from years of listening and his first compositions were on the predecessor of FL Studio: Fruityloops, using on the legendary Windows 95. This was also the time he quit school and stopped experimenting with producing music.

He was 15, but his creative side was constrained at school, and he was bursting with ambition. It had become clear to him that an academic path was not his dream, and that he wanted to pursue a life creating things, and to make his mark on the world with good things. So that is what he did. He became an entrepreneur, devoted to making a positive mark on the world but never letting go of the rhythm in his soul. He built up several companies and won various awards with them – but never let go of his passion for music. He started organizing NYE parties in clubs, 5 of them, and all sold out. He quickly realized that he was happiest with the art of creating sound instead of organizing parties. With the way your own creations can touch people, connect them and release their emotions.

It all fell into place fifteen years later, and many mistakes and a lot of experiences richer, his dream has come true: 01-08-2022, ‘Gentleman of the Jungle’. His own album that represents both of his passions – business and tropical house music. To top it all off, the album cover features a photo of him alongside his greatest fan – his daughter. This album tells a story of perseverance and passion, with magic. Good-vibe tropical house with a twist.

Music is the greatest form of magic, which is characterized by the people behind it.
EL Capitan V-Man’s music is all about magic, it’s his signature.

Let’s get the feel good, better, best and let it never rest! Let’s make people happy.

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