Punk-Rock veteran straight out of the 90s New York punk/alternative underground! A founder/co founder of New York underground power groups such as: New Mother Earth& Jiant. By late 2007 he would go on to be the initial founder of the New York underground punk outfit known as Rebelmatic,joining forces with underground NY hip-hop MC “Creature”.

This EP co-stars two magical musical collegues of Doc. Ramsey Jones(Funk face/GZA) & Eddie Alsina(Ricanstruction). This self produced solo effort lends itself to giving the listener hardcore punk & soul,with hints of Hip-Hop reggae in the midst. Hip-Hop flavor is also on the menu with a feature from legendary MC Kool Keith.Social/Political/Spiritual conciousness is always a must with Doc Burnz music. Enjoy this punky/funky excoursion as you shake your hips and bang your head to the truth!!!!!