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The debut-album Dyade is the very first album of the lounge project Dan Van Daan. This album invites you to relax and chill out on the beach or in the club. It is available for download on all major download-stores and major streaming portals as well as a CD in well-stocked retailers.

The album title Dyade means duality. This term is the idea behind the music: All tracks are composed with only two basic harmonies. This is inspired from the band Fenomenon. Despite the reduction to two chords, the music of the Norwegians offers strong harmonies, brilliant / jazzy guitar solos and strong melodies. Dan Van Daan takes up this style and calls it Dyade: duality of harmonies.
As home and residence Dan Van Daan serves the island: Dyade Island. Of course, a prototype of the Caribbean, Balearic or Canarian holiday island and purely finctional. The island can be explored on the websites of Dan Van Daan.

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