Chris Padin is back with a new song after two of his previous releases ‘Hold Me Closer’ and ‘Alpha’ have garnered over half a million streams together on Spotify. For this time he teamed up with Georgia Rose to create ‘Losing My Mind’, a fresh new song with beautiful vocals and song-producing arrangement.

Taking a simple but effective approach, “Losing My Mind” kicks off with a thumping bass line and sensual synth work. Before long, hypnotic vocals—courtesy of singer-songwriter Georgia Rose—phase in and transition to the forefront. The goal here was to ensure Rose’s stunning lyricism captured attention from the star, and her songwriting pairs seamlessly with Padin’s deep house production.

The music chooses the artist more than the artist chooses the music. When the time came to take a short break from production, as fate would have it, Chris bumped into the talented Georgia Rose. It was in a fruitful zapping that he heard her voice and immediately fell in love with her velvety and sensuality, qualities that match the powerful soundscapes of Chris, who knew this opportunity was not to be missed.